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    slow server?

    dpsCygnus Level 1

      We have been experiencing extremely slow uploading and updating times for the last 3 days.


      Has anyone els been having the same problems?



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          Scott Landis Level 3

          Yes. Upload times have been very slow from InDesign into DPS and publishing times have been very slow.


          I am also experiencing multiple publish failures (1 in every 3 uploads). Each time an upload fails, the progress bar freezes at 97%.



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            I've the same problem over here.


            The Server is extremly slow and i think it becomes slower and slower.


            I'm also getting alot of failed uploads (svr errors) and a lot of network and connection problems.


            I'm using the indesign cs6 and the newest folio builder panel.


            its very frustrating, uploading 4 stacks within 2 hours now....


            - bappo