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    folio won't update

    tigerduck123 Community Member

      i'm having issues with updating a folio (published or unplished makes no difference). whatever changes i make in indesign (and of course save) simply don't show up in the content viewer, no matter how many times i update the folio. the only way to get the updated version is actually creating a new folio. does an ipad have a cache, like a browser that can cause this issue? anyone able to help or experiencing the same? thanks!

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          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

          First, update the article in the Folio Builder panel after you edit the InDesign source files. Then, update the folio in the Folio Producer Organizer.

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            tigerduck123 Community Member

            thanks a ton! sometimes you don't see the forest for the trees...

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              I'm currently stuck on this issue, where do I update in the folio producer organizer? I cant seem to find it.


              Also when in folio producer organizer it shows the names of the articles but im only able to see one page which is a long smooth scrolling page.


              Any ideas?

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                tigerduck123 Community Member

                Hi Luke,




                I was on vacation and just returned – I hope you already found a solution to this issue in the meantime. Just in case - you update the articles within Indesign in the Folio Builder panel. Drill into the article and click on the right upper corner in the Folio Builder to edit the article properties etc. Select ‘Update’ within that menu to upload the article to the Adobe cloud so you can download it to your device. You need to update each article separately after every change you make.




                If you have made the app public you need to ‘publish’ it again on the Folio Producer website after you updated your articles in order for the changes to appear to whoever you share it with. FYI, the Folio Producer website won’t work on the iPad because it is a Flash application.




                Good luck,



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                  and what do you do when you do that repeatedly and nothing happens!?!?! then what I have dealing with this issue for a couple weeks now



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                    Folobo Community Member

                    Bob, thanks again and again. I have a strange problem with my folio builder: the article order is not the same of the ipad output preview! I update all - article/folio and in the producer i see the same order. Only in the ipad version is different. (if in the builder i have article 1/2/3 in the ipad i have 1/3/2. I do not understand the problem.


                    Any ideas?

                    Really many thanks!

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                      BobLevine UGM

                      Delete it and redownload.



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                        Folobo Community Member

                        I do it! Never change: the same problem! Any ideas? Cache server or what?

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                          John J Metzger Adobe Employee

                          Have you used the folio builder panel update in the floyout menu after you changed the InDesign files? Is this a published or unpublished folio? When you preview the content using the desktop preview tool does has it been updated? Can you use the USB preview function to view the content on device and is it correct?