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    match frame in multi clips


      hey there,


      just finished a multiclip sequence in PP CS6 so next on my list would be going from the multiclip to an "online" timeline, meaning:


      - matchframe each clip and paste the original above the multiclip-bits so i can export a nice .xml to proceed to color correction.


      but each time i try to match back to the original frame PP just puts me back on the angle in my multiclip i had selected earlier.


      any idea what i am doing wrong?


      thanks in advance.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          What's a multiclip?  Do you mean multicam, with several different camera angles?

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            swigglerz Level 1

            It's a sequence with a nested timeline in it, which contains my camera tracks. So yes, a multicam.

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              I get it.


              CTRL+SHIFT+F to get to the same frame in the original sequence, then F again to load that clip into the Source Monitor.  (Be sure only the proper track is targeted.)

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                swigglerz Level 1

                hey simon,



                appreciate the effort, but this doesn't work so far. ctrl+shift+f brings me back to my nested sequence, wherin i have placed 16 tracks (same result when i simply hit F). when i hit F in the nested sequence (even with the right track targeted) it just matches the frame, not the clip (including in/out). so i'm pretty much where i left off.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                  Now I'm confused again.


                  What do you mean "it just matches the frame, not the clip (including in/out)"


                  When you hit F in the original sequence, it brings up that clip in the Source Monitor, with In/Outs marked and the CTI on that same frame.

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                    swigglerz Level 1

                    hey simon,


                    what i did:


                    - i have 16 tracks, each one has a marker for syncing

                    - i created a multiclip sequence (synced by those markers)

                    - i put the multiclip sequence  in another sequence so it beomes editable in the multiclip monitor

                    - i did my edit. result: a sequence with clips which all come frome the same source: the multiclip sequence (so all my clips are labeled "MC_suchandsuch")


                    when i hit "F" on this sequence, final cut would pop up the underlying source clip in the source monitor (including IN/OUT)  immidiately, but premiere doesn't.

                    premiere pops up the multiclip in the source monitor and highlights the angle i chose (NOT the soure clip, e.g. MVI_5091.mov).


                    result: my "conforming" get's bumpy for as i always have to:


                    - go to the multiclip sequence first (ctrl+shift+f)

                    - target the right track (which gives way to human errors and takes aeons with 16 tracks)

                    - hit "F" (to get what i initially wanted...the source clip!)

                    - mark the IN

                    - add a couple of frames

                    - mark OUT

                    - get back to my sequence

                    - paste this selection above the MC_track and finally:

                    - align the cut .


                    i don't have to point out how time consuming this approach is


                    so if there's any shorter way i'd be happy to facepalm myself for not getting it earlier



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                      Jim_Simon Level 9
                      so if there's any shorter way


                      Nope.  That's pretty much the only way.

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                        swigglerz Level 1

                        hey simon,


                        thanks for the answer.


                        today i conformed a 40-cuts-or-so 16-tracks-timeline in PP and it took me about 45minutes for as i had to count the angles (after matching) so i could find the right track in the nested sequence.


                        the exact same thing with 4 times as many cuts in final cut pro took me 8 minutes just because i simply had to:

                        match frame - insert - match frame - insert ....


                        GIANT QUESTION MARK.


                        worth looking into and from my point of view it should be changed.


                        maybe a shortcut for "match frame to source" could do the trick.


                        thanks for all your replies.



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                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                          I've never needed to do this myself, but feature requests can be made below:



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                            In FCP it should only take a few seconds because you just select, right-click, and choose "collapse multiclips."  Beauty is that its just as easy to un-collapse if you need to re-edit.


                            If Premiere delt with multi-cam better I could un-install that antique software completely....

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                              swigglerz Level 1

                              hehe, guess what i just did.


                              the thing is lots of postproduction houses switching from apple to windows these days because apple seems to abandon their professional customers and the latest mac pros are just no match (anymore) for certain windows based workstations - or you have to pimp them til your wallet bleeds.


                              even RED is making a move.


                              i understand that adobe takes this chance to put their products into the limelight.

                              i was curious enough to invest in some workshops, talked to the adobe guys personally and i was pretty excited about the dynamic linking feature e.e.


                              i just did the switch myself and decided to learn PP during a project which happened to be a multicam project.


                              of course this is not the only "flaw" i found, but the most significant one - if you plan on exchanging your edit with other machines that need easy to read EDL's or .xml's.


                              for as conforming is part of my day to day business this tiny little thing is a rather high hurdle which i'd love to see just vanish.


                              thanks again.



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                                Elliott B. Level 1

                                I'm also writing a feature request for this, but in the meantime, your process isn't working for me.

                                Ctrl-Shift-F does nothing.  Neither does Cmd-Shift-F.

                                In the nested sequence, when I hit F, it opens the frame in the multicam sequence in the source viewer.  Hitting F again does nothing.  So how do I get to the original clip?  I'm using Premiere 6.0.2 on a mac.