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    PGI-5 BK not being used?

    Paul R Stark Level 1

      Hi Everyone.


      I'm printing from ID CS4 to a Canon Pixma MP830 inkjet. After printing more than a dozen 42-page documents, I noticed that one of the two black cartridges, the larger PGI-5 BK, was not decreasing in its resevoir. Meanwhile, the smaller black CLI-8 BK was being consumed.


      Is this because my print profile is RGB instead of CMYK - or another reason?


      I have my Canon Color/Intensity preferences set to Manual>Auto (not Photo, Graphic, or None). I have Media Type set to Photo Paper Plus Double Sided & using HP Brochure Glossy paper, 48 lb. My document contains both hi-res photos and graphics.


      Thanks for helping out. It's killing me not seeing the most economical of the cartidges being consumed. This one is just a little too tricky for me to figure out and I can't seem to find a Canon forum for this question.