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    Using Bridge in CS5 Extended

    Tnmike Level 1

         I am using CS 5 Extended, OS Lion, on an iMac.  Recently used Bridge to sort several hundred 35mm slides that were digitally processed using a professional service.  I transferred the digitized files to a "master" file in Finder on the computer and set up multiple subfolders in Finder to sort the files into easily identifiable events.     I used Bridge like a light table to transfer the individual slides from the "master" file into the individual subfolders.  In Bridge I can see both the master file and the subfolders in the side window.  In Bridge I transferred the individual sldes from the master file to the correct subfolder using the drag and drop method.  I used Bridge to further sort inside the individual subfolders and rename the files inside the subfolders. When I was done, Bridge did not show any slides in the master file - all files had been transferred to the subfolders.   In Finder I can still see all the files in the "master file" and also all the files that have been transferred to the subfolders.  Bridge still will not "see" any files in the "master file".  In Finder, are the files in the subfolders "copies'?  Is this a proper way to use Bridge for sorting ?  In there a better method?

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Not a Mac person, but if you moved the files from "master" folder to a subfolder than they should not longer be in master folder.  If you copied them to the subfolders they should be in both places.


          Have no idea why Finder sees them in both places if they were moved.  Does not make any sense to me.  Does Finder have a cache or need to be refreshed to see the current file setup?

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            Brett N Adobe Employee

            Bridge should see the samething as Finder, they are both essentially the same type of application. The question is really what are we seeing in Bridge and what are we seeing in Finder. Maybe from a certain point of view they are both showing things correctly, depending on what really going on in with the files and with the settings of each application.


            Could you post a screen shot of both Finder and Bridge showing this "master" location.

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              Tnmike Level 1

              Last night I turned off the iMac.  This morning when I turned the iMac back on, all files were visible in both Bridge and Finder as they should be.  The files that were missing in Bridge are now there.  I do have a little "egg on my face"  Thanks for your help