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    Help Deleting Flash9.ocx In Unussual Circumstance


      I uninstalled flash while trying to delete the file flash9.ocx and would like to get this file deleted before reinstalling. Here's what happened. I copied some backed up files from my old xp machine into a new Windows 7 temp folder and windows system32 folder was in it. Now I can't delete flash9.ocx because it is locked. Everything I have tried gives me an access denied error. I tried to reset attributes from read only, tried deleting it, tried deleting with a delete on reboot program, took ownership, changed acu levels, etc. I can rename it and move it, just can't delete it. Any Ideas on how to delete this file that resides in c:\temp\windows\system32\macromed\flash?


      I am using Windows home Premium & IE9 Thanks for any help!