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    Problem saving with CS6

    Monte Photo Community Member

      Using CS-6, I design each wedding album spread  (two pages) as one 10x20 jpeg and then when I am ready to submit to my lab/album company, I crop the image into two 10x10 jpegs that will spread across the gutter of the album spread.


      I did this yesterday, and each new 10x10 would want to save as a TIF. (Remember that the original was a jpeg)    I had to change each file to jpeg as I saved. 


      TODAY, I went back to the exact same files and tried again.   This time, every time I want to save, it is trying to save as a PSD. I noticed today that everytime I crop, the image layer automatically switched from "Background"  to a  "Layer 0".  There is only one layer there, but the "Flatten layers" option is not greyed out.  So if I now flatten the layers, I can save as a jpeg.    I have no idea what is going on, but this is a pain.....  I also don't understand why PS wanted to save as a TIF one day and a PSD the next.


      I went to CS-5 and tried this same image and none of this happens.  I crop and then I can save immediately as a jpeg.  No flattening, no problem.


      I really want Adobe to give me a "classic version" of the cropping tool (just like ALL of the other Photoshops in history) because this new version makes me jump through extra steps in order to just crop an image and set the resolution.  I have created cropping pre-sets, but it is still cumbersome.   Now I have this problem as well.  I have been using PS for MANY years and I have never had this happen. 


      Can anybody explain what is happening, or help me?   Thank you.