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    In Design CS 5.0 (7.0.4) slow file performance


      I work on a large catalog in a workgroup setting of 5 people. We work with files on our desktop then store them on the server when we are done. All images are linked to a locatoin on the server. We are having issues with our files being slow and unrepsonsive.  This occurs when you start to work on the document and get into a text frame to do edits. Also, sometimes, the files will not open for some of us in the workgroup. The issue specific to the catalog files nothing else. The behavior is sparatic, Some users can open and work in the files fine, others report they cannot open the same document or that is is painfully slow and hesitant. 


      To give you background on the issue, I had to update the styles this year. I also changed the basic style to a different typeface. I also added some simple GREP styles. I then used the book function to sync these styles with the rest of the catalog. In Additon, we found that not all users were using version 7.0.4. three of us were one was on 7.0.0 the other was on 7.0.3.  We all have since updated our software. I turned off auto font activation. We run Universal Type Client 3.1.0 (4)


      We have tried Keith Gilbert's method of moving pages http://blog.gilbertconsulting.com/2010/10/another-way-to-repair-damaged-indesign.html. This allowed those of us who could not open the file and to be able to open the file and work on them. However, others reported slow performance in the same file. We have exported them out to IDML files without success.


      The weird thing about this issue is that is sparatic and seems to be machine specific. If I repair the file on my machine it does not work on others. Others have files they have no issue with and I cannot open them. I have tried these files in CS6 and they seem to work fine.


      So is it a font issue? Image issue? is it that they were booked up an now are not?  Is it the fact I tried to change the "basic styel"? I would not think so because files in a book do not know they are part of a book just like an image does not "know' it is part of an InDeisgn file. Could it be the serer?


      If anyone has any ideas please respond. I've tired prety much everything I can think of. Remember it really isn't a preference issue becuase We all can work fine in other non-catalog files.


      Help me Obi-Wan you're my only hope.