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    Interactive web documents for Flash

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/indesign/cs/using/WS2641C718-9491-4db9-938A-F38B969A6F31.html

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          When exporting to SWF, is there a way to set multiple page document to flip after a certain amount of time?

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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There is no automated way to do that in the SWF file exported by InDesign. It's under the control of the viewer.

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              I exported both in FLA and in SWF formats to add some interactivity in Flash Pro, I had some page transitions, specifically page curl, but Flash doesnt read them....What do i do? is it possible to do this or do i just have to make all the interactivity in Flash Pro.

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                I think I am having the same problem as "j3n0" in the original post. I am trying to export a 12 page booklet to an interactive swf file. It's fine apart from the fact that, if the viewer decides to "play" the file, it races through the 12 pages in (I'm guessing) 0.5 seconds. This is especially annoying since the default option is for it to be looped which makes it fit for nothing short of inducing an epileptic fit! Surely there must be a way to slow this down by specifying the delay between page transitions but, if there is, I can't find it in the menus, in the help, online or simply searching Google. If I export to Flash, I can set the time for each page but lose the interactivity and the page curl transitions.

                Can anyone help on this issue? (I understand the comment from the MVP, however, the viewer has no control over playback speed in Flash viewer either!)

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                  Same question as profile23.  InDesign CS6 file....exported to Flash Pro CS6.....all pages fly by in less than a second when played.  There is no way I can find using Flash Pro CS6 to alter the playback or add other interactive features.

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                    Petteri_Paananen Level 4

                    You have to separate these two things; exporting to SWF and exporting to FLA (Flash Professional). There´s huge difference between these two options.


                    SWF is ready to use package which has page transitions and most of the interactive features from InDesign included to the file. End-user opens SWF into a Flash Player (or web-browser if html-wrapper file has been generated)


                    FLA is just a starting point for the project. You suppose to open FLA into Flash Professional and finalize the project there. And I have to warn you guys that you really need to know what you are doing if you want to have something deasent as a result. Some of the interactivity you have possibly created in InDesign won´t transfer to Flash, you have to re-generate those features in Flash. Page Transitions is one thing you will lose during FLA export.


                    If only thing you need is just stop that "epileptic" flickering in Flash, here´s a small tutorial how to do it.


                    1) First I created 3 page InDesign document. First page is red, second green and third one is blue (image1)... Then I exported it as FLA and opened it in Flash Professional.



                    Image 1: 3 pages in indesign



                    2) As you can see, there´s an element called timeline. There´s 3 small black circles in timeline´s frame 1, 2 and 3 (image2). Those keyframes are actually those pages I had in InDesign. InDesign > FLA export process turn indesign pages to Flash Keyframes (page content in keyframe has been wrapped inside element called MovieClip but that´s another story and we dont need to go there now)



                    Image2: Timeline in Flash Professional and 3 keyframes in it.



                    3) Problem is that this export process does not add stop commands to those frames. It means that once you hit the play, it´s like a movie. Frames will be played very fast. Flash is after all meant for creating movies, not magazines...=) So you have to add those stop commands yourself.


                    4) Click the small black circle in frame 1 with black arrow tool, it will be selected. (image 3)


                    5) Choose Window > Code Snippets. Code Snippets window opens (image 3)


                    6) Open Timeline Navigation group and double click Stop At This Frame (image 3).

                    Actions window opens and you will see stop(); command there (image 4).

                    A small character a appears above small circle in frame 1.




                    Image 3: Select first keyframe, open Snippets panel and double-click Timeline Navigation > Stop at this Frame



                    Image 4: Actions panel and stop(); code-snippet in it.


                    7) Repeat steps 4-6 to frame 2 and 3. Now you should see character a in above all 3 circles (image 5)



                    Image 5: Character a (means action attached to frame) above all 3 keyframe circles



                    8) Test the movie by choosing Control > Test Movie


                    Now your movie shouls stop at first frame (= first page). Your next challend is to think how your can navigate inside your document. You will need buttons or some other navigational elements which can be used for that.

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                      profile23 Level 1

                      As I said in my post, I can do what you have suggested if I export to fla but I can't believe that exporting to swf creates a file with no option for timing/delays for pages if the viewer plays it as a movie. Is this really an oversight by Adobe or is there a secret/hidden method?!!

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                        Petteri_Paananen Level 4

                        That´s the case I´m afraid. Pages of multi-page/spread SWF files can be turned by user only. InDesign SWF is meant for creating magazines, not slideshows I guess.


                        I have made a small free utility that may or may not help you with this. You can download a package from:



                        It work like this:



                        UnZip the package to your harddrive, overwrite issue.swf by exporting your SWF from indesign. Open index.html to browser.

                        I think that system fits your SWF to the screen no matter what size it is but if it doesn´t, try to export your SWF with height of 630px (width depends on the shape of your doc)

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                          Petteri_Paananen Level 4

                          I added couple of features to the PageTurner;

                          • Loop checkbox
                          • Pause/Play button

                          Pause/play button changes dynamically it´s appearance, it´s Pause button when pageturning is on, Play button when pageturning is paused and Go to Beginning button if loop feature is off and pageturning has stopped to last page.


                          Kuvankaappaus 2012-9-20 kello 3.59.39.png




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                            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            It's pretty unlikely that any new SWF features will be added to InDesign. Adobe has moved very strongly toward creating animation with HTML5 and CSS (e.g., the new Edge Animation tool).

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                              profile23 Level 1

                              That looks good, thanks for the reply. I still can't believe that Adobe overlooked this, when adding the export to swf feature, it seems like a huge oversight to me. I understand that it is probably meant for creating magazines and not slideshows (even though, I found in several Adobe training pages etc. they specifically referenced creating slideshows!) but that doesn't help when the player defaults to playing it on a loop! So long as you don’t suffer from photosensitive epilepsy, you have to stop the playback before you can then go to manually turn the pages!

                              Anyway, like I said, thanks for your reply, it was nice to get a helpful reply from a forum for a change!

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                                Fello De

                                is there a way to embed swf to pdf that are not rigid? detail is lost when i zoom out. i need it to fit to frame even at sizes less than 100%

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                                  Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  Embedding SWF in PDF is a bit of a hack. But with SWF (Flash) going away (except for gaming), it's unlikely to ever change.

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                                    Fello De Level 1

                                    Wow.. and i thought swf was the biggest thing in my small world... so what alternative can i use to achieve awesome animations in pdfs like the one in the video below...


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                                      Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

                                      Fello De,


                                      The video you pointed to is very misleading. First, every dissolve, zoom, and move in the video was not created in the PDF. They were created in the video. The video is not the experience that your users would have using an interactive PDF.


                                      Next, the company that created the video was promoting their use of 3D models within PDF. These have nothing to do with InDesign. These models are created outside of PDF and then placed, using Acrobat, into a PDF.


                                      See this technical page from Adobe


                                      If you are interested in the features of interactive PDF, you can download this document that I created for my CS5 version of the InDesign Visual Quickstart Guide. It says CS5, but with the exception of DPS features, everything for interactive PDF is the same. Except SWF is pretty much dead.


                                      Or you can get a copy of Creating Digital Documents using InDesign CS6 by Sandee Cohen and Diane Burns. And visit our blog at http://indesigndigitalpublishing.com/