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    Does Creative Cloud survive Mac "migration" to new computer?


      I plan to join Creative Cloud later this month, but also plan to upgrade my Mac Tower to a new one next Spring.  I will be using the built in "migration assistant" in the OSX to do a hard drive "brain transplant" from the old Mac Tower to the new one once I purchase it.  As I understand it, to make that work properly, I would need to deactivate ALL Creative Cloud programs first.  Would I also need to "uninstall" them?  Or should I deactivate them on the old machine, but then not transfer them at all to the new machine?  Then download them fresh on the new machine?  In the past, I have upgraded computers every four or five years, so assumming that the Creative Cloud is the way to go from here on out, this brain transplant needs to go smoothly, without counting as a "third copy" of the Creative Cloud apps.  Thanks!