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    CS5.5 Design Premium Fonts

    Maze150 Level 1

      After installing I noticed that ROCKWELL font is missing. There may be others but I used this one regularly so it is really missed. I have checked the system font folder and the old font storage folder on my windows machine and its not showing up. ADOBE, Uni, Type, Standard, Schoenecker, Mono, Kroeger, Hooge, Copy, Ceriph, REALLY??? Come on you can do better than this. All useless fonts I.M.O. Any ideas on how to get Rockwell back?

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          HerbVB Level 2

          Rockwell has been supplied with about two dozen different Microsoft



          Product Name     Font Version

          Access 97 SR2     1.50

          FrontPage 98     1.00

          Greetings 99     1.60

          Home Publishing 99     1.60

          Office 2000 Premium     1.60

          Office 2007     1.65

          Office 2007 Professional Edition     1.65

          Office 2010     1.00

          Office 97 Small Business Edition SR2     1.60

          Office 97 SR1a     1.50

          Office Professional Edition 2003     1.65

          PhotoDraw 2000     1.60

          Picture It! 2000     1.65

          Picture It! 2002     1.65

          Picture It! 98     1.60

          Publisher 2000     1.60

          Publisher 2007     1.65

          Publisher 97     1.50

          Publisher 98     1.60

          Works 9     1.65


            - HVB

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            Thomas Phinney Level 3

            I'm pretty sure no Adobe product de-installs any of your existing fonts, and Rockwell has not been bundled with any Adobe products, at least not in the past 15 years or so. So this has little to do with Adobe, unless you are just wishing they would bundle it. They only bundle fonts they own, and they don't own Rockwell.


            As Herb says, check your MS apps.





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              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

              Adobe's installers (or for that matter uninstallers) absolutely do not uninstall any of your existing fonts.


              Adobe does not install Rockwell or any of the other fonts you mention (Schoenecker, Mono, Kroeger, Hooge, Copy, Ceriph).


                        - Dov

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                Thomas Phinney Level 3

                Dov, I believe those other fonts are all among the odd pseudo-bitmap fonts acquired by Adobe about five or six years ago for use in Flash authoring. At least most of the names are familiar from that context.





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                  Maze150 Level 1

                  I checked my other computers and gone from those also. You are correct on Adobe not writing over the system fonts. I just assumed that because it was after the CS5 install that the fonts changed. It was probably an auto update from microsoft that wiped it out and went unnoticed till I was getting missing font warnings in Photoshop. Thanks for all your quick responses. I am going to research on the Microsoft end.

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                    Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                    Actually, those funky fonts are in TrueType format now, but are not normally installed as part of the Creative Suite installation. They are available in a “goodies” directory. Perhaps the OP manually installed those fonts?


                              - Dov

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                      Pauleduc Level 1

                      Just to confirm...


                      There are a number of fonts in the goodies folder.. however, many are almost totally useless.. for example, there are 15 font families:  Ceriph, Classic, Copy, Header, Hoogie, ISO, Italic, Kroeger, Lettau, Mono, Monoeger, Schoenecker, Standard, Type, and Uni.


                      All the fonts in these families display badly.. regardless what system I use, and what program I use. The all appear to be pixelated.. no smoothing or anti-aliasing.  And they all look pretty much the same, regardless which family is selected.  I think I read a post somewhere that they are supposed to look like this, but I find that hard to believe... NO ONE in their right mind would ever use such ugly pixilated fonts.


                      So, are they broken?  Why were they shipped with Adobe CS5? Is there some magic trick to make them work correctly?  Are they designed for a speicific system (I am using Windows 7)?

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                        Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                        As previously explained, those fonts were provided for normal use and certainly are not installed on your system by default. They are part of the Flash legacy and if you don't need them, simply ignore them and don't install them!


                                  - Dov

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                          Pauleduc Level 1

                          What exactly is "normal use"?  I can't imagine anyone using these fonts and having they display as they are.


                          btw.. none of those fonts in the goodies folder are "installed by default".. one has to explicitly go into the folder and install the fonts.


                          I guess what I and others are asking, is why these fonts are offered if they are useless?  And are you saying they were used in Flash, were they displayed as badly, ie, pixilated, in Flash, or was there something in Flash that made them acceptable?

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                            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                            They are provided for compatibility with very old Flash projects that used bitmap fonts at small point sizes, therefore not exhibiting the obvious pixelation. Obviously no one in their right mind would design something new with them and that is why they are not installed by the software installation process.


                                 - Dov

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                              Pauleduc Level 1

                              Thank you for the explanation