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    CS5 Mixed video formats in same sequence


      New user here, coming from 10 years of Pinnacle Studio.


      I have at least 3 different video formats to edit in a single sequence/timeline (iPhone, 720 from a Sony point and shoot, and 1080i from a Canon video camera).  Depending on which format I use for the sequence, when I drag the videos to the main Video1 track, the audio will go to whatever track is appropriate for the mono or stereo.  The iPhone and Sony are both mono and will be on one track and the Canon is stereo so its audio jumps to a stereo track.


      So my question is, am I to make all my audio adjustments on both mono and stereo audio tracks depending on where I am making the volume changes on the timeline.  In Pinnacle, the video and associated audio was always on the same track pair.  I was just wondering about workflow and the best way to make the audio adjustments.


      My project typically is a year's worth of video footage from the 3 sources, making a Year In Review.  There will be soundtrack music from MP3's playing most of the time, with occasional original audio from the video being raised in volume for a few seconds, then fading back down to hear the soundtrack again.  Keeps the audience more engaged.


      One more question, what format should my sequence match, the 1080 stereo Canon, 720 mono Sony, or mono iPhone.  The end result will be for viewing on widescreen big screen DVD or Blu-ray.  I would like to make the mono on both channels, and upscale to 1080.  Not sure the best way to do this.


      Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          Upscaling is generally a bad idea. You would probably be better off using a setting that matches your smallest frame size. That way you don't try to upscale and lose quality.


          As for the audio, you can make your adjustments in the Master audio track. That takes care of all of your audio at one time.

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            jmklein Level 1

            Thanks Steven.


            But if I am fading out the video's audio, and fading in a soundtrack, wouldn't I have to do that on each individual audio track, not the master?

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              CS6 has a new feature called Adaptive Audio Tracks, which can handle both stereo and mono in the same track.  Check it out.



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                Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                Oops. Sorry. That's correct.


                So what I would do is nest the original sequence into new sequence, which puts all of the audio on one track. Add the music to the second track. Then just dip the audio on the first track.

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                  josephs51576386 Level 3

                  Generally if I'm wanting to move or mess with individual clips audio and then have another clip fade in, I just use the effects control panel and keyframe them. If I want to effect everything on a track then I use the audio mixer controls for say adding a compressor or effect to a entire track. However I realize everyone has different ways of editing. But personally I would just cut the clip I was wanting to fade and throw a exponential fade effect on the end of it, however if you need more control I'd just keyframe it using the volume control on the effect controls panel.Then for fading in you can  fade in then use the constant gain effect however I realize sometimes it's better manually adjust things in certain circumstances using keyframes.


                  But for what you're talking about it sounds like it would be fairly easy just to use the constant gain and exponential fade effects by cutting the clips and using the two effects at the begging and end of each fade in and fade out. Then just adjusting the length of the effect to your own liking. So I think constant gain and exponential fade might be the easiest way to complete the task you wish to complete. The method Steve has mentioned would work great too though. Like I said there are many ways to complete the task.

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                    jmklein Level 1

                    Thanks everyone.  I will continue practicing and learning.


                    Another question.  After editing, I will be authoring with Encore, which I have used for many years now.  How should I structure the audio tracks in Premiere if I want the mixed audio track (master track) to be the main audio track in Encore (on the DVD) and the original video's audio to be the alternate audio track in Encore (on the DVD).  While playing back the DVD, the default audio track will be the mixed audio.  If the viewer wants to hear the original audio only, then they just hit the audio button on the remote to switch tracks.


                    Funny how this requirement came about.  For years I always just had the mixed audio.  But while watching the videos, my kids started telling me they wanted to hear the original audio.  Knowing the video would be too boring to adults without a soundtrack, I came up with the idea for multiple audio tracks.  That requirement eliminated the consumer lever authoring tools, which is what pushed me to Encore back in the version 1.0 days.  Since then I have been using Studio to edit, and Encore to author.  Now I am trying to dump Studio and use the Premiere/Encore pair.


                    The way I did this in Pinnacle Studio was to output the video and mixed audio as an AVI or MPEG2 file, and import this as the timeline in Encore.  Then from Pinnacle Studio, output the original audio only as a .wav file, and import this as a 2nd audio track in Encore.  Worked perfectly...as long as Pinnacle kept the audio in sync, which at times was difficult, but with the newer releases of Studio, it worked much better.


                    Thanks for all the guidance.

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                      jmklein Level 1

                      Looks like someone already asked the question about exporting audio tracks into Encore.  Let me know if anyone knows of the automated way the OP was looking for.  That is what I was also looking for.  The suggested solution in this thread is how I did it with Pinnacle Studio. http://forums.adobe.com/message/2062200.

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                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                        Export out the main program using an MPEG2-DVD preset.  That will create an .m2v for the video and a .wav for the audio.


                        Then also export out a second .wav file for the original track.


                        Bring all into Encore as assets and author away.

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                          jmklein Level 1

                          Thanks Jim.


                          If I just export files and then import into Encore, if I ever have to go back and do some re-edits in Premiere, then I have to pretty much wipe out what I have already done in Encore.  I was thinking that using the dynamic link (not sure if that is correct term) feature, I can make re-edits in Premiere and those edits would automatically be made in Encore without having to start over, depending on the edits that were made.  It works that way when editing a menu in Encore/Photoshop.


                          Just thinking ahead because I have had to do this using my Pinnacle/Encore workflow.


                          Thank you.

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                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                            then I have to pretty much wipe out what I have already done in Encore.


                            That works even for Dynamic Link.  Change anything in PP, even the audio, and you have to transcode the entire thing over again in Encore.


                            At least with separate assets, you only have to replace the one you changed.


                            Avoid Dynamic Link on this one.