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    Why is Dreamweaver FTP is so slow?

    Wasim Khamlichi

      I'm so annoyed at how slow Dreamweaver FTP is. Whenever I try to upload a document, it sits on "waiting for server" for ages. What I have to do (every single time I upload anything) is put the file, then cancel the dialog and put the file again and it uploads straight away. What is the problem, such an expensive peice of software and such bad FTP issues.


      I've tried turning on and off passive mode and still the same thing. Tried messing with other settings and still the same terrible issue. I know it's not the server as i use Coda2 for Mac also and there are no such FTP issues, I actually purchased Coda pureley because of the Dreamweaver FTP issue but after using Coda for a while I realised I cannot do without a WYSIWYG editor, and now i'm back to Dreamweaver.


      Why does it have such an issue and what is the solution?