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    Please Help!


      Hello to all.


      I have a pdf document which needs several things I want to do to it, but am not sure how to make it happen.


      Let me first describe the document. It's a scanned repair manual for a classic car. The page sizes are irregular as they appear on the screen, they are probably something like 10 x 15. The strange thing about the pages is that there is only print and/or images of parts, procedures etc. on about half of the page, situated on the left hand side. When I printed it out the first time on 8.5 x 11 i got a shrunken version of what was on the screen, with the full size transferred to the smaller sheet. I'm not sure why the original paper document was printed this way or why the person who scanned it into a pdf didnt crop it, but thats the main issue I need assistance with correcting. I intend to use this manual in both printed form and with a more user friendly (after editing) pdf version while I restore the car.


      So this leads to my questions. I already have a good idea of how to do several of the steps, but I'll throw the questions out anyway appealing to the professionals out there. Please be gentle with me, I'm great with cars, not so much with computers, lol.


      By the way, I am using acrobat x pro.


      1. The pages are all a little bit skewed one way or the other, I'd like to get them straightened up. I do have a handle on how to do this, but I wonder if the changes I want to make should be done in a specific order. So, should I deskew first?


      2. How can I crop the pages to standard 8.5x11 and then zoom in on the pages a bit so when they are printed they will appear to be standard size? This is the issue that I feel most confused by. I'm having difficulty finding answers to these questions.

      2a. Will this cropping/resizing overly distort the images or text?

      2b. Can any distortion be offset?

      2c. How do the margins come into play in this resizing?


      3. How do I scan the document and convert it to searchable text?


      I guess thats it. ANY help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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          Maybe someone else will know how to fix everything you are asking about. Personally, I've never been successful fixing awkward PDF files like these-as you suspected, the problem was introduced when the file was created. When I really want a nicer print version of a pages with big blank space like these, I go to Kinkos and print out the large pages on 11x17 paper, then have them cut it down for me. If you'd rather spend your time restoring cars than futzing with software, this might work for you too.

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            Bill@VT Level 7

            Deskew: I am not sure of the location of this in AAX. Check the help menu (for the complete manual) and search for deskew. Be sure you work on a copy of your document when you are playing around with these tools.


            I am not quite sure what you are asking about cropping. You can crop, but this will not change the size if the image. You can crop to display only the desired areas. Once you are done with all the changes, one option (not typically recommended, but simple) is to print to a new PDF selecting the options to expand or shrink to fit the page and be sure that your paper selection in the printer properties is letter. Hopefuly the end result is a PDF with all letter sized pages properly aligned and sized -- what you seem to want.