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    Can't login with adobe ID and Password.

    jdwroten3 Level 1

      When I try to logon to adobe.com, I get an error: ID and password don't match (I didn't change my password). I tried reset password - didn't work. I tried another computer - didn't work. I tried "CHAT". He said he would escalate, but I haven't heard anything - it's been 2 days now. I can't login to my Cloud Account on the internet or Kuler. My cloud apps still work, but probably won't next time they try to verify.


      I had to create this account just to ask this question. My real id is jdwroten. 

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          jdwroten3 Level 1

          I finally got this issue resolved and I can now login to adobe.com, Creative and Kuler. I tried many things, but this seems to be what worked. I did a "forgot my password" on the creative.adobe.com site, rather than the adobe.com site. After I reset my password, I still couldn't login, but when I DID NOT check the "remember me" box, I got logged in. The next time I logged in, I did check the "remember me" box and I still got in. But even though I checked the "remember me", it still remembers the previous password, not the one I just set. Seems like a bug in the "remember me" option. I did the obvious thing of deleting adobe cookies, browser cache, etc.


          I'm on a Win7 PC with Firefox, but got the same results on Linux and Firefox, and IE on Win7.


          Thanks a lot to David__B for working with me on this.

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