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    Stroke layer effects set to "Multiply"

    KrisHunt Level 4

      When designing for the web, I often like to give text boxes a thin, 1-pixel stroke of a slightly darker color than the box itself. I've noticed that when using the Stroke layer style options, setting the position attribute to "Inside" and the blend mode to "Multiply" has the undesirable effect of multiplying the border color with the background, instead of multiplying the border color with the box color (see figure 1). This seems like a bug to me. The only way I have found to achieve the result I'm looking for is to create a duplicate shape above my box layer, set the fill to 0%, and then apply the stroke effect to that layer (see figure 2). Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this all in one layer? I know I could just set the blend mode to "Normal" and choose my darker color explicitly, but I want the layer style to be portable, so I can use it on boxes of any color and have the resulting stroke a darker shade of that color.


      I am currently using Photoshop CS4 on a Mac.


      Multiplied Strokes.jpg