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    i need help


      i just bought lightroom 3 and its the first purchase i have made, it asked for my serial # which i gave and it said it was good, but then another serial number box came up and its asking for the previouse serial number. what is it talking about when this is my first purchase? where do i get a serial # that Ive never had from? Please Help! Thank you:)

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          John Waller ACP/MVP

          Lightroom 4 is the current version.


          Where did you buy Lightroom 3 from? Adobe no longer sells it.


          Are you sure that you have purchased a full version and not an upgrade?

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            danny123qa Community Member

            well i bought it from adobe, it was an upgrade but it said lightroom 3 and the only reason for not getting the full is that my computer is a 32bit, so i did buy an upgrade? what should i do?

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              Hal P Anderson Community Member

              I think you'll have to get in touch with Adobe and see about getting a refund. I'm surprised that Adobe is selling LR 3 at all.


              If you're running Vista or Win7, 32-bit is OK for Lightroom 4. It won't work on XP at all. And Macs need to be running 64-bit on OSX 10.6.8 or higher.