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    Effects question


      Adjustment window will not open when I select an effect like gaussian blur in Photoshop Elements 10.

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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional

          Go to Filter>blur>gaussian blur. A screen will come up where you can set the radius. That's it!

          Adjustment layers are opened via the circular icon in the layers palette.

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            omgneedname Level 1

            The screen where I can set the radius did not come up.  On my old version of Elements, when I chose gaussian blur the adjustment window just popped up.  Now on version 10 of Elements when I choose gaussian blur, my photo blurs so I know it is doing something, but no window will open for me to adjust the radius of the effect.


            AND it's not just gaussian blur.  None of the effects, when chosen, produce an adjustment screen/window.

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              R_Kelly Adobe Community Professional

              Are you using the effects panel or the filter menu?

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                R_Kelly Adobe Community Professional

                If your using the effects panel, make sure Automatically Show Filter Gallery is checked:




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                  omgneedname Level 1

                  Coming down from the top on the right above the layers palette, I have chosen "Edit", "Full", "EFFECTS", "Filters", and then from the drop down I have chosen "Blur".  Then I click on the Gaussian Blur thumbnail and click apply.  That's when the screen/window should pop up for me to adjust the amount of gaussian blur, but nothing pops up.

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                    omgneedname Level 1

                    While I was typing my last post, you fixed my problem!!!!!!!  I did not have "Automatically Show Filter Gallery" checked.  Thank you!!  Thank you!!  I have been working with Photoshop Elements for years now, and this is the first time I have had this much trouble figuring something out!!!!!  Thank you!!  I hope you have a great rest of the day, 'cause you just made mine so much better!!!!