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    Problem Pasting Formatted Text




      I'm using Dreamweaver CS6 on a Mac with Mountain Lion installed. I'm trying to paste formatted text from Mac Mail into Dreamweaver. When doing so, I'm unable to keep the formatting (italics, bold) from the email. When I use "Paste Special", the option to paste basic formatting is greyed out and cannot be selected.


      I've found one painful workaround -- pasting the formatted text into TextEdit, saving the file as HTML and then reopening the file either in Dreamweaver or in TextEdit. But, there must be a better way! I was always able to do this with no problem on previous versions of Dreamweaver. Any help?





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          Simply copy and paste in Design View should work.  Aren't you getting any formatting tags at all?  This is something I have never seen before.  DW is pretty good at pasting all the formats, good and bad, and you are telling us (or that is what I am reading here) you are not getting any formatting tags.