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    Error A12E3


      When attempting to install LR from Creative Cloud I get Error A12E3. Anyone know what this means?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          It is stating it is running into an error when trying to extract the install files.  This could either be due to a permission issue or a problem with the download.  If you continue to have the same problem then I would recommend first trying a new freshly created administrator account to see if it experiences the same difficulties.

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            thats always the answer when something is not working. It will work in souch an envirement, but I want it to work in my normal invirement with al my other programms. I have the idea it is a simple answer and you can say it works when everything is not working except adobe. But I'm getting dissapointed with souch answers cause it won't help anything.


            Regardss Cora Berends

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              rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I agree with Cora. Adobe CC needs to work in the real world, not the sterile, clinical world of a "test administrator user". CC is getting in the way of my work and I am tired of it.