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    Photoshop  CS6 freezes computer


      Hi, Running 64bit Win 7 Dell Studion XPS system.  I originally installed the Master Suite, but it hung on the Acrobat X install.  So I went in and uninstalled Photoshop and reinstalled it.  All other programs in Suite work.  Installed a brand new shiny version, no upgrade, but do have 5.5 on the computer as well.


      I have deleted the preferences, viewed the Plugin folder (none found) and am out of options to get this going.


      I get to the Spash screen, shows loading plugins for a few seconds, then freezes the entire computer.  Unable to get to process screen so forced to shut down.  I've done this four times now and am out of options. 


      I am teaching this software on Tuesday and can't even get it up and running to practice with it.  Help!