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    Unable to create pdf with same size pages




      I have installed Adobe Acrobat Professional (Writer). And created a pdf document. the pdf contains some images, each on its page. The problem is when I save or preview the document some images are not sized to its page area (or fit to page). Please check Attached Image to see the problem.


      How can I add all images in pdf with eqal size.


      Please check attached image Pdfsnap1 & Pdfsnap2 (used crop tool)...


      Someone helped me visiting following Link for solution:




      Above provided link of adobe forum is good, but 50% of my issue is resolved. That is, Upon selecting image and using crop tool the "page size" is increased but the image size on the page is still small or it is not increased with page size.






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          Bill@VT Level 7

          To resize the image, you will have to select it with the object tool and the drag the buttons on the sides and corners to resize it.


          A lot of what you are doing can be done in Acrobat, but it is not the ideal application for such actions. Acrobat is not really an editting tool, but a tool for creating a finished product that provides an essentially platform independent product. You might find what you want to do is better done in a word processor or layout tool, then a PDF created from that result.