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    So, WHEN are we Android users, having LAYERS in Adobe Ideas ?

    yammyone Community Member

      We are tired of waiting for this, it's over 6 months already!  You did an upgrade for android by June, and nothing at all about the layers. Not even a  Color Picker for us ?!?!?



      Why is that so hard to copy paste the code ?!  If you're so lazy to do this, please give ME the damm IOS source code, and I myself will code that crap for you, and give it back to you for publishing. But please Adobe, DO SOMETHING !!!


      This lack of layers is unaceptable !!  Can you imagine photoshop without layers ?? This is the same nonsense !!  And for that, a tiny little program for mobile device, which requires much less code and resources than a desktop applications that you already masters on doing??


      Come on Adobe !! GIVE ANDROID USERS SOME LOVE !!


      The entire android comunity of designers will happilly pay for it in a second !! But only if you make it USABLE !!



      Thanks !