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    WDM Capture Video Corruption


      Hi All,

      I am currently evaluating a trial version of Premiere Elements 10. Running on WindowsXP 32bit, Intel Core i7 980X, 4Gb RAM, nVidia 580GTX.  (This machine is Windows XP due to a requirement of my Nikon Film Scanners)

      I am able to create a new project using the "PAL - Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorder - Standard 48kHz" preset.

      Project Settings.jpg

      I then select "Get Media" from the Project Panel, and select "Webcam or WDM device"

      The "Capture" window is then displayed. My WDM Device, an AverMedia HD Pro PCIe analog capture device is already selected, the Capture window displays a preview of my analog input (from a PAL VCR via a TBC and S-Video input to the AverMedia Capture device).

      The preview display is rendered correctly, audio is available and everything looks OK. I then press "Capture".

      After recording the Project panel displays the first frame of the captured video, however the recording is severly distorted! I have tried various PAL presets for the Project but all captures from the analog card look the same. They display correctly in the Capture Dialog Window but are badly distorted in the recorded AVI file. Interestingly the audio track plays correctly behind this mess.

      Corrupt Video.jpg

      This should be a plain blue screen with a line of white text!

      If I look at the AVI file with GSpot everything looks OK. It is PAL, interlaced, bottom field first. The codec is listed as DVSD - DVC/DV Video.

      GSpot Data.jpg


      Does anyone recognise what might be going on here?  I would really like to use Premiere Elements for my captures if possible.


      Many Thanks,


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          My first guess would be that, since you're using the trial version of the program, you don't have the necessary component to work with this type of video.


          Once the product is purchased and registered, the program will automatically download and install the necessary components as you work.


          Unfortunately, I don't know any way to test that theory without actually buying the program.


          Your G-spot report though seems to contradict that. Although your project should not use the project settings you're using for this type of video anyway. You should be using the DV project settings.


          So first try starting a project using DV project settings and see if you get the same results.

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            taw_rex@bigpond.net.au Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Steve.


            I also suspected that this may be due to some kind of Codec, or function issue with the trial version.  I'm not sure however that I want to spend the money in order to find out.  After all, that's what evaluations and trials are all about?


            The fact that the preview of the capture is rendered correctly, and only the AVI file shoes the corruption certainly suggests a Codec or some kind of problem with the video stream.  At first I almost thought it was perhaps reading my PAL analog source as though it was NTSC?


            Also, I have used the "DV PAL Standard 48kHz" preset and it produced the exact same result.  So no joy there I'm afraid.


            It's a shame that Premiere Elements does not seem to allow me to select my own Codecs from those installed on the system.  In that case I could try a Non Compressed, or even lossless capture and see what happens.


            Another point about the trial is that when creating a DVD from a Video the maximum bitrate does not seem all that high. It will even leave empty space on a DVD rather that increase the bit rate to best fit the DVD size.  I wonder if this is another 'feature' of the trial version.


            Anyway, without an adequate or certain answer to this capture issue I don't think I will be buying PE10, which is a shame as I am a big fan of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.



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              nealeh Level 5

              Try capturing your video with WinDV or Exsate DV Capture Live. You should then be able to import the DV file into PRE with a PAL DV Standard setting. Expect large files - DV runs at around 13GB per hour.


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                taw_rex@bigpond.net.au Level 1

                Thanks for the suggestions Neale, however both these utilities seem to be for DV Camcorders exclusively. 


                I am using a WDM / VFW Capture card in the PC with input from a JVC Super VHS VCR, and neither of those DV capture programs could see any output from the Capture card.


                Thanks anyway.