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    Launch Limit?


      I was using a 30 day trial that I began today with Creative Cloud. I opened up InDesign after a few times of using it, and all of a sudden, I get a message that my launch limit was reached and that my trial is over. The trial's only been going on for a few hours, and there was never a notification that there would be a launch limit, only that I would be able to try it out for 30 days? Is this a glitch or just something that's hidden in the terms and conditions?

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          tzvij1 Level 1

          Also, is there a launch limit in a normal subscription?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Adobe trial software expired early


            And no, there is no limit to begin with, not in the trial, not in the subscription. It's strictly time based. Whatever you did, you simply messed things up.



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              tzvij1 Level 1

              Ok. The only thing I did was downlaod the software with the trial and use it. There was the standard warning every opening, "You have only 30 days left, subscribe now." But no warnings about launch limits till this last time. This has only happened with InDesign so far. Is there any way to fix this? Also, does anyone know if a free month is included with a student Creative Cloud subscription? The others do, but it doesn't really go into detail of what's included with a student Creative Cloud membership.

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                Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                The only discount currently being offered to education customers is an additional 15% off Student and Teacher versions of the software.  For Creative Cloud there is no additional offers with the exception of the already discounted price per month for qualifying education users.

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                  gracie423 Level 1

                  Mylenium, you are quite the snot! This happened to me, and I did nothing but download the trial software and use it once - on the day I downloaded it. I then got the message it had expired. So get off your arrogant high horse and if you can't help, get out of the forum.

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                    gracie423 Level 1

                    Thx, tzuij1 - same thing continues to happen to me. I'm thinking Adobe needs to fix their trial software. Adobe, are you reading your own forums? You're certainly  not answering any of our questions!

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                      Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                      Kbrewer423@yahoo.com per the document which Mylenium referenced it is completely possible for your trial to expire early by any of those methods listed within.  I would recommend either trying the trial on another system or if it is was a single point product you were trying you can try installing a suite which contains the software.  It is likely though that whatever on your system caused the trial to expire early will affect any new installations of trial software as well.

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                        Creative Cloud Catch??? Level 1



                        You expect users to have numerous systems.  Some people only have one system and if this is an ongoing nusence, adobe should look into it and fix it.  I had downloaded a Trial Version of Dreamweaver and after 3 days, the expire was ended.  Per your website, we're offered a 30 day trial and as you notice from these forums, most people are not getting the 30 day trial.


                        Personally, I have one system and I WILL not go buy another system because adobe has not corrected a bug in their trial software.  Please fix for these kind users who spend time, money on Adobe Products.

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                          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                          Creative Cloud Catch??? do you have any details which you can share regarding which software title installed on your system is compromising the trial experience?


                          Also to confirm you have not changed the time on your clock, modified the trial executable, or utilized a debugger?

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                            Creative Cloud Catch??? Level 1

                            About two months or so ago, I downloaded Adobe Dreamweaver to see if it's something I am interested in ... Granted, I am learning day by day and still in the learning process of (web design).


                            I have thought about adjusting the clock in my Bios but that's too much work.  Ever since Adobe decided to register each computer to I believe the MAC address on the computer, it's been horrible as Trails do not last 30 days.  I miss the old days, which I believe was last year where it's registered per e-mail address and not MAC address.


                            My Adobe Dreamweaver Trail only lasted I believe 3 days and I got the same response from Adobe that you wrote above.  The only way to reactivate your trial is to buy a new computer.  Adobe would not release the MAC Address and honor the 30 day trial.  I was sad but it's difficult debating it with Indian CSR as you have a huge language barrier.

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                              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                              Creative Cloud Catch??? the trial begins as soon as the software is installed.  I am sorry though but short of reformatting the drive there is no option to reset the trial experience.  In addition if you have already experienced the behavior that the trial expired prematurely then it is likely your security software or other installed software would invalidate any other trials which you may install in the future.


                              Thank you for the feedback though.  We are continuing to investigate other methods of enforcing the trial time limit.

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                                Creative Cloud Catch??? Level 1

                                Jeff A Wright,


                                This was a bogus response that you gave us ...  Why is it that when something is wrong with Adobe's software, you decide to blame it on other software that a user may have or blame the user themselves?  Why do you not just revert back to registering the software per e-mail instead of the MAC ID?


                                If Adobe can't honor the 30 day free trial policy, then why offer it?  You expect us to review it but how can we when users trial are cancelled withing the week?  Why not pick up the phone, call the technicians who created registering by the MAC ID and tell them "HEY!  We are having an issue here ... User's are not getting the full experience of the 30 days free trial period and it's not just happeneing once but numerous times.  Honestly, it's not that hard but please do not blame the user's or their software as this is happening accross the board as you notice through these forums.