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    Master Collection CS6 Ready for Win 8?

    glaustin Level 2

      Hi Guys

      I'm using the Master Collection CS6.


      I've seen pre-release sales are being taken for Win 8. From what I've seen here, although one or two have installed CS6 on a Win 8 machine for testing, there is no official confirmation that the MC is supported on Win 8. Is this right?


      I'm thinking of upgrading but I'm anxious about buying the upgrade and spending time on installation if some or all of it falls over...




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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You're not at all likely to get an official statement from Adobe until much closer to the release of Win 8, but I have found no apparent problems with it in my tests, which I admit have been far from thorough.


          But the entire Master Collection did install without a hiccup.



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            mahinthan5 Level 1

            I don't see any problem yet. Working well.

            I use only Premiere, AE,Illustrator, PS rarely Audition

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              I am installing the official final build of Windows 8 and will be testing in a VM before I commit to my work machine. Will keep you posted of how things turn out.



              This is not an illegal copy. It is the official final built that will be being pushed out to consumers as of October.  I just have it a little early.

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                Just to add my 2 cents - concur with the other posters. Have been using CS6 Master Collection (across the board) on Windows 8 RTM (not the consumer preview) and it's been running with no apparent problems, other than occasional (minor) window-management issues when switching between dual and single monitors, which may be more Windows 8/Video driver issues than anything specific to CS.



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                  brandinchiu Level 1

                  are you using the updated Windows 8 Driver? or the compatible Windows 7 one?  I work with two monitors at work and have no issues at all.  I can swap between windows, snap and run CS6 in the actual "Dual Monitor" workspace without any issues whatsoever.

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                    rmanjoney Level 1

                    The issue is not using dual monitors, but switching between dual and single monitor modes (eg, when undocking my laptop from external monitor) and back again. Windows and panels get lost "off-screen", for example. It's no big deal, I've gotten so used to this sort of problem running Adobe apps under Windows over the years that I almost expect it.


                    Using NVIDIA Windows 8 64-bit drivers (the latest available as of today).



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                      brandinchiu Level 1

                      Oh, THAT problem, haha.  Yeah, it's quite a nuissence.  But that's been around before.  I find it only really happens if an application is actively working when I undock my laptop.  Say, I have a couple idle Windows Explorer windows open, they'll all fit just fine.  Another issue is if when you undock, the total surface area of your windows is greater than that of your laptop native resolution.  If you have just one fullscreen application running on the other monitor then it should move over without issues.  At least from my own experiences.

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                        I haven't observed any serious issues so far, but the rounded corners of the application windows have ugly squared-off edges visible behind them. I hope that gets patched because otherwise it might drive me slowly crazy.