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    Migrating settings, actions, plug-ins etc. from CS5 to CS6 (Creative Cloud)




      I wondered if someone could help me with the transition from CS5 to CS6 (Creative Cloud). I'm on a Mac with Mountain Lion.


      I would like to migrate as many settings (i.e. workspaces where relevant), personal Photoshop actions, plug-ins (i.e. Type DNA, FontShop [Photoshop], Scriptographer [Illustrator] and Blurb Template Creator [InDesign]) as possible from CS5 to CS6. What is the easiest and smoothest way to do this?


      Some settings, actions and plug-ins might not work with CS6, I don't know. I can't find where my Photoshop actions are archived atm.


      Can I import extensions from Adobe Extension Manager CS5 to Adobe Extension Manager CS6?


      Should I uninstall all CS5 apps? I'd like to keep InDesign CS5 for backwards compatibility at least.


      Does Audition completely replace Soundbooth? What about Flash Catalyst, Device Central and OnLocation?


      Edit: I have already installed all the Creative Cloud applications btw. But I haven't uninstalled any CS5 apps yet.