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    Strange Problem with displaying Menus.  Problem on Workstation (maybe)

    Bill Conwell WISD Community Member

      Hi all... Have a problem with a single laptop accessing our web page:  www.wash.k12.mi.us.  Every other machine in the place accessing our web site displays the dropdown menus correctly.  This one fails by covering the home page with links to everything in the menu system... no menus at all.  Just this laptop.  This occurs with IE 8 or 9, Firefox (latest version) and Chrome.  The same behavior for all browsers.  The os is Windows 7 with all the latest updates.  Running Java 7-5 and latest Adobe Reader, AIR, Flash and Shockwave.

      I've uninstalled all Adobe products, no joy.  I've uninstalled all Java and reinstalled, again, no joy.

      In IE, when I open up now, I get the following error before the home page displays:  "sprywidget.js requires sprydomutils.js".  This error is what led me to this forum.

      There's some setting in this particular computer that prevents it from displaying the menu system correctly.

      Has anyone seen this before?  I am not a web programmer and do not maintain our site.  I'm just caught in between on this problem with this one laptop.  Would like to know if

      there's any setting in Windows that has been trashed or changed that I can test with in order to return this laptop to 'normal'.

      Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

      Bill C.