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    Unable to open CF10 admin page


      My CF 8 run on localhost:8500,

      CF 9 on localhost:8501 and

      CF 10 setup selected localhost:8502. 

      No problem to open admin cf8 and admin cf9 but not admin cf10. What to do?



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          p.sim Level 3

          Reinstall the cf10.

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            spsb84 Adobe Employee



            Check the following:


            If on Windows environment--> make sure that the CF 10 services are running. Being configured on different ports {8500,8501 and 8502}, it should run properly and open the administrator.

            Also, do netstat -an on the command propmt to see whether the CF10 port {8502} is getting listened or not? Is getting under the Established mode or not?


            You would see the established mode for 8500 and 8501 too.


            Ypu can also try stopping the CF 10 service and try starting it from the command prompt: navigating to the cf_install_dir/coldfusion10/cfusion/runtime/bin coldfusion start file