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    get the liveDelay of p2p netgroup application muticast

    whwi999 Level 1



      is it possible to getthe liveDelay of a application multicast rtmfp video stream?


      i think the live delay is the multicastWindowDuration + the player bufferTime


      the multicastWindowDuration is varibale for all clients changed on user count



      what is the best practice to get this info ?



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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          a multicast always uses the buffered playback mode, so "lifeDelay"'s semantics aren't applicable.


          the multicastWindowDuration is the maximum amount of jitter you can experience in data coming in and going into the NetStream playback buffer, so the maximum amount you can expect to be buffered is multicastWindowDuration + bufferTime.  there's no way to see how much is currently in the multicast reassembly buffer, though.  you can estimate the liveDelay by tracking the max of NetStream.bufferLength.