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    Broken images displaying in Design view?


      So this might be an obvious solution that I've somehow glossed over, but I'm completely baffled as to why none of my remotely hosted images show up as anything besides broken in Design view, in Dreamweaver CS5.5. The images display just fine in previews, once actually online, when I choose Live View/Live Code/Inspect, but not at all when just editing with Design/Split view.


      Things I have checked:


      - Display External Files is checked (I tried turning it off, restarting, making sure there wasn't a difference in view, turning it on and restarting again. No change)

      - image sources are absolute.

      - image file types are all acceptable web files (jpg, png, gif)

      - my site preferences have been set to "Always show Remote files" with the Dependant files prompts not checked (though I have tried with them checked as well)

      - my Windows firewall is not blocking Dreamweaver CS5.5

      - a co-worker with the same version of Dreamweaver is not having this problem at all


      When I right-click on a broken image and choose "design notes" it says that Dreamweaver could not find the file and either displays nothing (message is "Could not find file:") or, if the html is saved locally, a file path to a local directory PLUS the absolute file path (message example: "Could not find file: ////local folder/www.host.com/filename.jpg").


      I've tried defining the ftp server as well as leaving it local and there's no difference. I'm using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, and as I said Dreamweaver CS5.5, however I was running into this problem when I was on Windows XP and Dreamweaver CS3. When I upgraded to the modern world, I got a brand new computer so nothing was carried over from the old machine except this weird issue.


      I've never experienced this problem on any of my home versions of Dreamweaver, which is why I'm so confused and unsure of what the issue may be.


      I love the Adobe Support Forums, you guys are VERY helpful, and I hope I can get a working solution to this little issue that's making my job just that much more annoying!