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    ID CS6 Crash exporting to Print PDF in Windows

    mnfctrd Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am having trouble exporting my indesign file to a high quality pdf document for printing. I am using Windows 7 64-bit.


      Current file size of the document is 234 MB, most of the images are linked. But when I try and do an export, it crashes with this error:



      (This is in german. It shows the standard error and closing message of windows 7. Adobe Indesign CS6 has stopped working... blahblah)



      So I have tried exporting it into other various files (for testing purposes).


      • Downscaled graphics to 72dpi is crashing.
      • IDML is crashing.
      • I have also tried it on another laptop with windows 7, still crashing.
      • Exporting it without most of the graphics (using a copy I made a few days ago) is working. The filesize of the copy was 13 MB. Fonts and everything else looking good. After this copy I started putting in the graphics.
      • Interactive PDF (with obviously downscaled graphics) is working.



      So any tips on how to get this done? Thanks in advance.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Divide and Conquer.


          Can you export the document in two halves? If both halves work, it's probably a system resources problem (234 mb is pretty big for an ID file), and you can combine them in Acrobat.


          If one half crashes, divide that in half and try again, continuing to divide until you either have success or you isolate a single page with a problem (this will take very few steps).


          If you isolate a page, use the same technique to to isolate the object that is causing the problem and replace it.


          Work on a copy for safety.

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            sagar-khanna Adobe Employee

            Does the file export correctly with previous version of ID?


            A bug is logged for a simlar issue #3229808 . As pointed by Peter, it happens because of shortage in memory allocation for big files.


            Divide and conquer should be the current work-around. Identify the the page that is heavy and export in parts.