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    CS6 - multicamera sequence with different resolutions?



      I try to edit a multicam sequence with footage of the RED Epic (3840x2160) and a DSLR (1920x1080).


      We shot an interview with two cameras. The final video will be FullHD. So we use the RED footage to generate two shots. A down-scaled and a cropped one.

      Normally I use the RED footage in the non-cropped shot by (sorry my Premiere is German) "scale to framesize". So the 3840x2160 will be autmatically scaled down to 1920x1080.

      When I use the "scale to framesize" to the multicam sequence also the DSLR-Footage will be shrunken.


      So either the RED footage is too big or the DSLR footage is to small for the sequence. And I don´t wanna transcode the RED footage to FullHD cos i want to crop it sometimes, and I don´t yet know when. Is there any help?