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    Handwriting tool

    ddcfranks Community Member

      In some of the documents that I have in adobe reader for my IPad I have marks made by the handwriting tool. 


      How can I remove these marks after they have been saved previously.  I use some of the same documents over and over and these marks change from class to class. 


      I appreciate any help I can get on this!



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          Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

          There are two tools which you may have used in the annotations tools.


          The one which looks like Pencil is the Freehand tool, and it would be easy to change. If you wanted to delete something you've drawn with it, you could just click on it when in annotations mode, and then click Delete from the contextual menu which appears.


          If you used the one to the right, that looks like a pen with ink coming out, that's the Signature tool. It's intended that you would be using the same signature again and again so it's more difficult to change your signature.

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            ddcfranks Community Member

            I see the delete button at the top left, however if the document is saved with the freehand tool I cant figure how to delete the mark ups from that point.  I can resend the document to Adobe and use it as a fresh start, but it would be nice to just keep using the same file over and over again.

            Thank you for helping me, I really appreciate it.


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              Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

              I'm not having that problem.

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                Dennis Griffin (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                To delete any annotation, you can just tap it, and you should see a context menu appear with the option on the left to delete the annotaiton.


                When you tap the freehand drawing you've made, do you see a blue box drawn around it, and the context menu with the options ( Delete | Thickness... | Color... | Opacity... ) ?

                If so, what happens when you tap Delete?