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    What is the best upgrade path from LiveCycle Designer 8.0?

    Bob C

      Back in June 2010, I developed a website for a client which included some interactive forms created with LiveCycle Designer 8.0 (came with Adobe CS3.) He recently brought to my attention the fact that the data filled in by his customers on the forms does not display in PDF docs on his iPhone or Android smartphone (the PDFs and filled-in data display fine via desktop browsers.) Can anyone suggest the best (least expensive, least painful... I don't want to rewrite his site in HTML5) solution? E.g., upgrade my LiveCycle Designer 8.0 version and reinstall the forms on his site? Would that be to Acrobat X Pro? Does a second set of forms need to be created for mobile format? Suggestions would be appreciated. Here is his web page with links to the existing 3 forms. Thanks. -Bob C.