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    PGC Error - Again


      I have Googled away, trying to get a solution, but with poor results.


      I am using CS6 Production Premium. I exported a Premiere timeline (footage is 1440x1080) using the PAL Widescreen Mpeg-2-DVD preset. Over in Encore, I created a single menu project. "Check project" shows all is OK but, then, when I hit the "Build" option to burn a DVD, I get -


      PGC "File" has an error at 00:16:32:02, internal software error, %0, line "file" - PGC info: name = "File", ref = Fpgc, time = 00:16:32:02


      The stated "time" location is in the middle of a clip. There are no gaps in the video in the Premiere timeline and no audio tracks extend beyond the video, which totals 17mins.


      I then took the original sequence and nested it into a new PAL WS sequence and exported from there, but I still get the same error message, albeit the timecode has shifted from the one generated in the original error message.


      I have never had this problem with Encore before,


      Please HELP me out of this one...

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          I then took the original sequence and nested it into a new PAL WS sequence and exported from there

          Did you give the file the same name as the original -- IOW, did you overwrite the original file?  Had you similarly altered the original file before performing the above test?


          Fiddling with assets' locations outside of Encore, or overwriting previous versions of assets with new, modified versions are the usual suspects that will generate the PGC error.



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            Ian_T07 Level 1

            Hi Jeff


            I exported the revised version with a completely different file name, so I imagine that isn't the issue. I did import the 'new' export into the same Encore project...maybe I should start a new Encore project, with the new export, but that isn't what I would regard as a smooth way of working.


            I can't be the only one experiencing this problem, I would have thought?

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              Jeff Bellune Level 5

              The issue was more prevalent in earlier versions of Encore -- yours is the first (maybe second?) that I have heard of using CS5.5 or later. 


              Try the new project -- if it works, great.  If not, then trashing of the media cache and media cache database, which is shared across all Adobe video production apps, is probably in order.  Even then, there's no guarantee your existing files will ever work, which will likely mean re-encoding your Premiere Pro sequences again.  If the new project does work, let's hope this is an isolated incident that you won't encounter again.



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                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The PGC errors in CS5, 5.5, and 6 appear to be different from the PGC errors that plagued a few of us in CS3. Such errors reported in the newer versions (at least those where the user reporting the error followed through) were tracked to a problem that warranted the error.


                It is odd that the error's location is in the middle of a clip in Premiere. So this may be the exception to the new rule!


                One workaround for the old (CS3) error was to delete the xmpses file before importing the problem clip (so reexport with a new name, delete the xmpses file, then import the new file to Encore). This required redoing chapter markers.


                In CS3, I successfully modified existing projects, but Encore always likes a fresh start....

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                  Ian_T07 Level 1

                  Jeff & Stan


                  Thanks for your advice. I followed both. I now have a burned DVD, my thanks to you both. I think the problem was probably resolved by cleaning the cache, as Jeff suggested, but then I can't be sure - why is Encore so quirky?


                  Anyway, I now know each time I go near Encore, which thankfully isn't that much (mainly i'm in AE with Quicktime output) I need to clean the cache out.


                  Thanks again.

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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    >why is Encore so quirky?


                    I don't work for Adobe, so this is only my opinion


                    Roxio holds the patent on disc writing, so the actual disc writing module(s) inside Encore are licensed, not written by Adobe


                    The "main" effect of this is that any time there is a writing error, the error message you see is a TRANSLATION of the communication between the Roxio module and the Encore "supervisory" code (like I said, I don't work for Adobe, so my wording is likely a bit wrong)


                    That "translation layer" means that the error you see may not be 100% accurate as to the true cause of the error... which leads to a lot of "try this" advice to try and fix the cause

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                      Ian_T07 Level 1

                      Hi John


                      We learn something new every day. I didn't know about the Roxio connection and your explanation helps my understanding of the issues...but then, I look at this from the point of view that, if I buy something from any supplier, my "contract" is with them - irrespective of where they got it from? My car air bag, for example, is almost certainly not manufactured by Ford, but if it goes wrong, then they are responsible. I assume Ford engage in rigorous testing to ensure quality and they are then accountable to me, as their customer. If their airbag supplier causes them a ton of customer complaints, I think Ford would "sort" them out, one way or another?


                      Maybe (er, make that, definitely) Adobe needs to get a quality audit imposed on Roxio? For me the DVD authoring and burn should really be the easy bit of the process. Yet Encore conspires to drive me nuts, after I've done all the "hard" stuff elsewhere. Having spent a lot of time making sure the production looks 'the canines cajones', trying 'what ifs', with the last bit, is a mega pain.


                      Sorry if I appear to be having a dig here, it is assuredly not aimed at you John, but at Adobe...

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                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        >think Ford would "sort" them out, one way or another?


                        I don't know the car builder supply industry... but I see one major problem with your example


                        I will GUESS there is more than on maker of air bags... so Ford may switch if their are problems


                        Since Roxio has the patent on disc writing... there is no place else for Adobe to look

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                          Ian_T07 Level 1

                          Are you saying that all DVD authoring software has to go via a Roxio based "engine", given they have the patent?


                          For sure, there is more than one Airbag manufacturer out there, but there aren't several, capable of meeting the demand.


                          Whichever way, I still think, Adobe should sort this out. Or maybe, as we look at the impending demise of the DVD, who cares?

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                            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            >impending demise of the DVD


                            I do not know market share numbers of DVD -vs- BluRay -vs- streaming video... but since I think Roxio's patents MAY cover BluRay writing as well, I do not think Encore will be out of a job any time soon


                            There is other DVD writing software... I have NO idea what "burning engine" that software uses... only that, according to what I have read on these forums, that Adobe uses the Roxio engine

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                              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              I don't know that we know where the line is in terms of roxio code, adobe code, and the dollar issue as to what adobe wishes to improve. This issue appears in the build, not the burn, but I have assumed that all of that is part of what adobe licenses from roxio.

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                                Ian_T07 Level 1

                                Hey, I'm back with the same problem,


                                This time it is more serious. My project is now 2.5 hours long, with 23 chapter markers (set to a dual layer DVD). Everything is Ok with "check project", but when I go to "burn", the same error keeps coming up. I have cleaned and even deleted the media cache, I've re-encoded the files, called them separate names, tried different menu strategies....but, the PGC error stops the burn every time. The timeline reference is still in the middle of a clip.


                                If I import the encoded Mpeg-dvd file and treat it as a simple, "play from the start", there is no problem to output (as an ISO). Once I Introduce a menu to the project, Bang, up comes the PGC error message.


                                Please, Help!!! I need to get this project out to disk, urgently.