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    CS3 Colors Suddenly Muted Compared to CS4


      I suddenly have an odd problem that I originally thought was monitor-related. I'm using a MacPro, 10.6.8, with a Mac 24"HD monitor for palettes and an NEC PA241W for color. Both monitors were calibrated last week.


      I have CS4, but I work in CS3 simply because I like the old interface better. I opened a file I was working on Friday onto the NEC screen and now all of the colors, especially the reds, are muted/shifted to orange. It looks fine on the Mac monitor. It was immediately apparent because the shot is of a red Ferrari that now looks brick-orange. I recalibrated the NEC but no luck. Called NEC and we ran every possible test and scenario, still no good. After over an hour with the NEC guy, since it now doesn't seem to be a monitor issue, we both thought to load the same file into CS4 and bingo...it looks fine! I check every color setting, the proof setup and the profile between both versions and they're the same. So what is making the CS3 version suddenly look off?!! The only thing I can think of is that there must be some setting in CS3 that got overwritten/corrupted/changed between Friday and today that is now preventing the NEC monitor to see some kind of profile that the Mac monitor sees.




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