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    Why did they remove the arrows and shuttle wheel?

    nullsebasvideo Level 1

      It annoyed me to no end when years ago Adobe removed the shuttle wheel from After Effects, and now they did it with Premiere. What's the point of that? And even worse, now they also removed the arrow buttons on each side of the timeline. Are you freaking kidding me? With all the great improvements that Premiere CS6 has, and they removed an elemental tool for moving in the timeline? Try to move that stupid zoom slider when you are zoomed in to where the whole timeline is showing just about ten or fifteen seconds, and it makes the timeline fly at the speed of light in either direction. At best, you can use the mouse wheel to move a little bit, but that is slow as hell. It would be a good idea for Adobe's programmers to have this phrase as their first rule: "Don't fix it if it ain't broken"


      Althought the zoom slider is a nice little addition, it's not a replacement for the arrow buttons. Sometimes, you need to move a couple of clips ahead or backwards, and the arrow buttons are the best way to do it. It would also be good for Adobe to copy the best of other NLEs, in this case from Vegas, which has the best way to navigate the timeline. Mouse wheel up or down, zooms in or out. Mouse wheel with shift pressed at the same time, scrolls the timeline at a speed that actually is useful. This zoom slider movement is so fast it's ridiculous and useless. If at least they included an option to set the speed for scrolling, it might be of some use, or at least if they also included an option to set the speed of scrolling with the mouse wheel, it would also be useful. But the way it is now it's useless and makes the editor waste a lot of time.