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    Drop down lists and email buttons


      I am creating a form and I have about twenty items in a drop down list. I was wondering if and how I can set it so each item selected will cause an email button I have to change address. i.e item 1 sets the email button to item1@email.com and item 2 sets the button to item2@email.com. I think it has something to do with binding but I only have basic training so I am lost. Any help that you can give will be greatly appreciated . Thank you in advance

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          MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Very easily done in InDesign. See:

          window >> interactive >> hyperlinks

          window interactive >> buttons


          Your final product needs to be a .pdf, and don't forget to check Inlcude hyperlinks when exporting to .pdf.

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            sagar-khanna Adobe Employee

            You cannot bind action to the list of options in a drop down list in InDesign. Actions can be applied to the Form field events like 'on click', 'on blur', etc.

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              Petteri_Paananen Level 4

              As mentioned, you can´t do that in InDesign but fortunately it´s fairly easy task to do in Acrobat Professional. You didn´t mention what are you sending, just an empty email that sender can fill in email client, whole PDF as attachment or some form data from PDF... all those options are possible by few lines of javascript in Acrobat side.


              I made you a quick sample which just opens up an email client, populates email address based on choise that user has made in combobox and some custom subject and body meassage text. You can find it from my dropbox: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/17227987/sampleform.pdf


              There´s only two formfields in that PDF; combobox for choosing email recipient (AA = aa@test.com, BB = bb@test.com etc) and submit button. Check javascript code from

              -combobox´s properties > Validate tab and

              -button´s properties > Actions > Run a javascript.


              In combobox, small javascript sets the myemail variable´s value based on the choise user makes. In Button there´s small javascript that triggers the email client and uses the value of myemail variable as a target email address.


              ps. this sample probably works only in Acrobat and Adobe Reader. I have no idea how for instance MacOS Preview supports PDF javascript, probably not very well....=)