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    Blu-Ray playback looks 30fps not 24fps

    Matthew_004 Level 1

      Hi Folks,



      I've built a DVD ISO in En and am using disc-utility to burn my ISO with an external BR burner.

      I filmed in 23.976. Edited in 23.976. Transcoded out of after Effecst in 23.976 and all my Encore setting say 23.976.



      My issue is that when there is a scene with a pan or tilt, the motion looks like its playing back at 29.976, essentially it looks sped up.


      I double checked my TV settings, I do not have any motion-enhanced functions turned on. Double checked it on another player, same issue.



      Is this a data rate issue?


      I encoded an H264 at out of After efefcts using, 23.976, CBR, at 30MBS.




      Any guesses what this may be?