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    How to change colours of the document?

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      I am working on a form that was build from Microsoft Doc and then scanned onto Acrobat Pro to create the form fields etc.


      Mananagement just told me that they did not like the colour of the document and want it changed to another colour. (from Blue to Green).


      Is there a way where I could 'edit' the colour change using Acrobat Pro ? 


      Unfortunately, I do not have Photoshop nor do I know how to use it.... 


      your help is much appreciated!

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          If your looking to change the background details or colour and not the field colour then i can't see how you would do this using Acrobat. As acrobat is simply laying form fields over the top of an image.

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            Phillip M Jones Level 4

            Believe it or not  since the form was created from a scan (a Picture) its uneditiable


            1. Your going to have to go back into word recreate the document as a document
            2. Save as an adobe quality PDF from print menu (print menu > Hold PDF button down > Choose Adobe PDF or Adobe quality PDF.)
            3. Save the original.
            4. Open Acrobat and add the  Fillout fields. Leave background White.
            5. go to OfficeMax,Office Depot, Staples, or any office suppy and a couple of packs of the proper color blue paper
            6. Load up colored paper in Printer and print the PDF.


            It will save you a lot of head ache's


            If its to be filled out by hand You don't even need Acrobat.


            1. just create the form use a series of Tabs and format the tabs with solid leaders (Format Menu Tabs)
            2. Type one space after the last word before a tab that is to be a field
            3. Format that tab for a solid leader.  example "________"
            4. Fields that go to right edge of paper you shoul use it and set it to 7.5" if your using lettersized paper.
            5. If you need checkboxes make sure in Word 2011 click developer Tab and you can insert click boxes
            6. When finished save Document.
            7. Then save as a PDF.
            8. In acrobat follow first set of directions. except you can make the check box clickable field when clicked on with insert a chck or an x.


            Hope this helps

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              Win_Form Level 1

              Thanks for your replies.


              The issue I have here, is that I have already created the form fields and everything was ready-to-go, until someone in the management decided the colour of some boxes (that does not have a field box ontop of it) should be changed.


              That was where the headache was because, I have already created the field boxes and all was well.


              Your answers tell me that I will have to re-do my entire form and can not change the colour of those non-field boxes...


              Or, is there a way where I could re-load my original document, change the colour, and then, load the sheet back on, but the fields I have taken a long time to create, would land where they were?


              is that ever possible?

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                George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Just create a new PDF that has the color changes. In Acrobat, open your form and simply replace the old pages with the new ones. Any fields, links, bookmarks, code, etc. will be retained. Exactly how you replace pages depends on what version of Acrobat you have. In Acrobat 9, it's: Document > Replace Pages

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                  Thank you, George, for your help!


                  I was not aware of this function, and it has made my life so much easier!!!