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    Why, oh why, is it twice the price? (br)


      Hello, my name's Thalles, and I'm a brazilian web developer.


      Checking the Adobe's store I have noticed something interesting - not -, the prices in brazilian Adobe Store are almost twice expensive.


      For example, the Creative Cloud originally is U$ 49,99/m correct? Well, if you're brazillian you'll have to pay U$ 94,99/m. Photoshop, for example, in the br-store it's U$ 1.159,00. And that applies for every adobe product


      I cannot understand why Adobe would set the prices higher in a sub-developed country, where minimun wage is 4 times lower then north americans. And Adobe cannot say that it's because of the importation taxes, since I want to buy the download.


      It just seems to me that Adobe is aking to Brazil: "Please, 'crack' me".


      Hope it'd get fixed.


      PS: srry for bad english