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    Acrobat X Pro hangs

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      I am trying to use Acrobat X Pro (10.1.4) on an Apple MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion (10.8).  When I launch Acrobat and select "Combine Files into PDF", I am shown the add file screen.  When I click the "Add Files" button, I am offered to select a file from my Documents folder. If I try to change the source directory, that is, navigate to a subdirectory of Documents, Acrobat hangs and I have to force it to quit.


      Sometimes, instead of showing me my Documents directory, Acrobat hangs when I click on "Add Files."


      I have Java SE 6 installed and the preference set to use the 64-bit version.


      What troubleshooting steps can you suggest?





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      Message was edited by: tseanschulze  In the meantime I've discovered that I don't have to do anything with Acrobat. After about thirty seconds it will hang all on its own.  I checked it with top, and Acrobat while it is hung it is using 99 to 100% CPU.