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    Strange behavior with Premiere and effects in CS6




      I created a PS file with several layers of a subject for a TV show idea i am preparing for a presintation but every time a render my effects are not as i see them., speciffialy the 8-16 point Garbage mattes and keying.


      The PS files where dragged and dropped into Premiere and as Sequences to maintin them in folders and in a Nested Sequence.,

      Then i sort of sequences masked PS layers, using Ultra key to punch out the greene screen,  8/16 point Gabrage mattes to take out any other noise or background images un wanted, MOJO to warm up the subject i then placed the sequence as a NESTED sequence in my time line, but when i would render the Garbage Mattes, keying and all would be partially showing a previous tweek, but when i open the nested Sequence i would not see these errors or older tweeks, yet in the main Sequence aka composition i would see them yet when i would place the mouse over the time line to select an area for the position to play they would go away again,


      sounds like a bug?



      imac i7 12GB

      8TB RAID

      CS6 Suite


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