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    extracting bridge metadata

    robirdman1 Level 1

      After adding info to the metadata, such as city, sublocation, state, description, I have to enter all the same data to an MSwroks database that i then import into MSAccess. 

      I thought maybe there was some way to just transfer data with the same field names and thought of adding more of  Windows Explorer tags.  The date created already is there so I searched the list and added city, and state, camera model, etc.  But then those fields and others were still blank, though filled in Bridge.

      .  So I am wondering how such information would get into Explorer to be displayed, if Bridge's categories aren't the same. 

      IS there any way to export such desired information from all the images in a folder.  I just finished supplying the data to another 800+ images recently shot and don't relish entering it all again into the MSWorks database.

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          Paul Riggott Level 6

          You can extract all the required information using the BarredRock script near the end of this thread..

          http://www.ps-scripts.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2365&sid=db5c5a44a97941756a1991164103a27 4&start=15


          or you could use ExifTool http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/

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            robirdman1 Level 1

            I haven't been able to proceed from either of these.

            I downloaded the exiftool and clicked on it and it produced a file, exiftool(-k) application.

            when I click on it a command prompt type window opens and says I can drag and drop files onto the exiftool executable, but when I try to do this with this in the  explorer folder, it just puts the file next to it.

            I don't find any program icons  so I dragged it to the desktop and tried that and see nothing happen.

            The black window says I can rename it to exiftool(-a -u -g1 -w txt).exe)

            I can't in explorer for some reason, so I did so to the desktop icon I created, but I get the red slash that a file can't be dropped here, so I don't know how this is supposed to work or see any result.


            then I tried reading the thread about the barred rock script, but I don't understand how this works either.  Am I supposed to copy the script to a command prompt.  Near the end it says that it worked on CS2 but not later versions.

            Will either of these result in a table of names with the desired data (description, location, date, mainly)


            I appreciate the info, but haven't been able to use it.

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              Paul Riggott Level 6

              If it's only a few fields this script might do.



              Install instructions are on the page and they would apply to the BarredRock script as well. This script will work with CS2 or better (including CS6)

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                robirdman1 Level 1

                I put that script in as instructed and at first it didn't work.

                This was because I need to extract the metadate from the NEF files, because these are a complete set of all saved files.

                I tested with jpegs and it worked, but this is just a subset of the needed files to add to my database, so isn't useful for my purpose.

                I then downloaded, unzipped and put the Barred Rock script in the same way.

                When I reopened Bridge and clicked metadata, there was only the extract script and so it didn't work.

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                  Paul Riggott Level 6

                  I have modified the Extract Metadata script so that it will extract from raw files (NEF,CR2 etc) so please download the zip again for the new version.

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                    robirdman1 Level 1

                    This worked great.  Thanks very much for your help.  It will save me a lot of tedious double entry of the data to my Access database.

                    I see that it added the sublocation though the category says location, so that was beneficial. 

                    I would like to learn more about these scripts.  Is it possible to add more categories, such as State and country?

                    Again, thanks very much for the extra help.

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                      robirdman1 Level 1

                      I see that it does include country but for some reason that category doesn't show up in the result, nor does city.

                      I mean the title is in the top row, but there are no listed cities or country.

                      Thanks again.

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                        Paul Riggott Level 6

                        It works for me, maybe you are using different fields.

                        Could you tell me what version of Bridge you are using and what schema(s) and field names you want extracting.

                        (See Rawdata in File Info)

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                          robirdman1 Level 1

                          Bridge CS6 x64

                          I looked as you suggested.

                          Could it be that your city and county are for the IPTC Contact, while mine are under IPTC Image.?

                          Here are date created, sublocation, city, State/Province, Country.

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                            Paul Riggott Level 6

                            I have changed the IPTC City and Country to the Photoshop Schema.

                            Could you please try this now.

                            If you let me know what fields you would like added I will try and add them.

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                              robirdman1 Level 1

                              that worked very well now.

                              I am thinking that I probably won't use instructions, nor copyright info or author

                              But state/province would be usefull and job identifier.

                              If camera data can be used, I add model number to my database.

                              I am thinking I could use description writer as an added category for other info which Adobe doesn't have categories for.


                              this is a great help and I much appreciate it.  So far I am just testing, as I am up to date on my images, but after the next camera downloads and edits I will put it to real use.


                              Thanks again

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                                Paul Riggott Level 6

                                I have now added those fields, hope it will be of use to you.

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                                  robirdman1 Level 1

                                  Hi Paul,.

                                  I tried the script and it worked well for me, except the state/rrovince was blank.  I think it must be from the category where the city and country wer before that didn't show.


                                  Previously it was a very convoluted procedure for me to get the info to my Access database.  I would first enter the info in MSWorks database, because of the time saver of the fill-down and fill series that MSAccess doesn't have.  After entering all the info I would save it as a text file and import into Access after assigned the fields, some of which had to be modified slightly as one for example would such as slide # and the other slide_#,  One I couldn't change and if I changed the other in ACCESS then all the queries and reports based on it would have to redone also..  I would get the fields to coincide and then do an append query to add to the main table.


                                  I had only one location field when I set up the database, and not separate ones as in Bridge, so city, state and country would all be in the same field. I would only add country when it was not US which was seldom.


                                  In anticipation of the ability to import the different location fields, I added city, state/province and country to the database, and then I spent about 8 hours creating hundreds of update queries, for each state, city and country to have the data of 166,000 records in the respective fields.


                                  I did a sma run yesterday with a folder that only had a couple dozen images.  I have to reorder the fields somewhat, but this is promising to be a huge time-saver and I look forward to using it when I have some much bigger downloads to convert.


                                  Thanks very much for all your help with this.

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                                    Paul Riggott Level 6

                                    I have now altered the state/province to the Photoshop one.

                                    Glad it may be of use to you.

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                                      robirdman1 Level 1

                                      Hi Paul,

                                      I have been busy catching up on my backlog of downloaded files, weeding and editing, and then batch renamed them according to my numbering system.  I fianally got to the stage where I was to put the script to serious use.

                                      I then downloaded the latest version of your extract files script and it worked fine on all the fields.


                                      But I was doing a folder with 103 images selected, and the text document only had the first 35.  Is there a limit on the number of records?

                                      This was my smallest folder and the other 2 have about 200 and 1200 images each to do.


                                      Thanks for all the help to this point.


                                      Actually, I did one of the other folders and it did them all.


                                      I have found that the problem is that it sometimes stops on some movie file and will go no further.  I'm not sure why.

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                                        SUCH Level 1



                                        I have just used script to extract metadata. Once I found it extracted to the desktop, Great!


                                        Thanks for that.


                                        Ian Cleland

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                                          robirdman1 Level 1

                                          The reason it stopped I found was when there was no description.  by adding descripition or removing those that couldn't have one added, from the folder selection, then it worked fine.

                                          Thanks again for this great time-saver. I have used it several times now with hundreds of images.

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                                            purushoth_j Level 1

                                            Hi Paul, I have used the Barred script, its useful. But there is not option for image resolution, color mode/space. Kindly help on this. Thank you!!!

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                                              robirdman1 Level 1

                                              I have found this so useful, and am about to go on a trip where I would be taking lots of shots and planned to add to my database as I went.  but then I realized I don't have this script on my laptop.  I was trying to return to the link on the thread and it said no longer available. I think I have the download somewhere on my PC but don't remember the instructions.  Could you help again, please?

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                                                Philip Cord Level 4

                                                Paul no longer attends the adobe forums but he still has a site where you can download his scripts.


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                                                  robirdman1 Level 1

                                                  I didn't see the desired script there, but I should have it downloaded somewhere. But how do you get the script into Bridge?

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                                                    robirdman1 Level 1

                                                    I found it, dragged and dropped to the laptop, and double clicked and it seems to have installed itself in Bridge, appearing in a new metadata tab.

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                                                      Philip Cord Level 4

                                                      You will find the script in the "Bridge Scripts" section and instuctions are on that page.

                                                      Its near the bottom "Extract Metadata" use the down arrow until you see it.