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    Compound Shapin'

    Mathias17 Level 3

      Wait a minute . . . is there not a way to have one path in a compound shape just knockout the others? I mean totally, not just where they overlap.


      Photoshop can do this. But Illustrator cannot???



      My situation is this

      I'm just starting a new project and I'm creating a header container shape thingy for text to sit on. I want the ability to adjust the header shape as I work (I tend to tweak everything as I work; can't just finish one bit and go to the next, call it a downfall).

      Rather than save a copy of the rectangle and elipse so I can "re-pathfind" them each time I want to make an adjustment I want to be able to simply enter the Compound Path object and mess with the circle. It should knock out the rectangle whereever I leave it.