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    (Mac) Postscript printing issue - Photoshop CS5.1

    Matthew Elliott Level 1

      We're having an issue printing certain files to any of our office printers via Photoshop.  Most of our office computers are Macs running OS X 10.6.8 or 10.7.4, and all are running CS5.5 Design Std.


      What we're noticing is that, on particular .tiff, .jpeg, and .psd files, when we issue a print command within Photoshop, the job sends to the printer successfully, but then each printer reports a Postscript error.  It reads "PS limitcheck error, offending command: 'yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy'", more or less. 


      Our initial thought was that there was something wrong with the particular file: a damaged font, too many path entries, etc.  But, our immediate workaround was to try printing the same file in Illustrator, which we were able to do successfully right off the bat.  We were also able to print the file via Preview and by exporting it to a PDF and printing via Acrobat.


      We've reproduced the problem on all of our printers, and even on a few of the printers after installing different (older) driver versions on the test workstation.  This leads us to believe that the issue lies somewhere in Photoshop 5.1's coding.


      I read in a previous post (from 2009) that including labels in the print (chosen from the print dialogue) can cause this type of error, but we are not using print labels here, so that can't be the issue in our case.


      Any thoughts on this?  Or are we stuck with the mentioned workaround and/or giving Adobe more money for CS 6?  (and exactly how many updates did we get for CS5??)

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          Matthew Elliott Level 1

          Anything, Adobe?  I'd love some sort of response, though silence seems appropriate given the error message one of our users just received (completely unrelated to the issue posted above).

          Screen Shot 2012-08-17 at 2.21.42 PM.png

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            You might want to post that one in the Illustrator forum.


            And we have found no similar errors from other customers, or with any of our PostScript printers.

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              Matthew Elliott Level 1

              Well I suppose I could post it there, but I wouldn't be hoping for any sort of response: there's not exactly much to read into.  We've found that it's typically better to try and find a workaround for CS errors (in this case, copy/paste the contents of the open file into a new ai file, re-save with new filename) than to try to guess at the cause from these kinds of error messages, which are nearly useless.


              That said, this one is a nagging annoyance for our designers, and given that we get the same behavior across multiple systems/OSs/printers, and that the error only occurs when printing from photoshop cs 5.1 (not when printing from illustrator, or Preview), the root cause MUST have something to do with photoshop.  Perhaps there is just something about the particular files and their interaction with photoshop, but whatever the real reason, photoshop is playing a part.


              And so, here we are.  Perhaps there are other troubleshooting measures I've missed?  Maybe there's some limitation with printing in Photoshop I'm not aware of?  Maybe there's a setting somewhere in the print dialogue that we should enable/disable for further troubleshooting?  I'm basically looking for other shot-in-the-dark types of things to try at this point; I harbor no illusions that there's anyone out there who knows what's happening or has seen this before.


              With that in mind, fire away!  I'm willing to try nearly anything.