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    Full Annual Membership to 12-Month Pre-Paid Membership


      I'm thinking of joining the $30 Creative Cloud Full Annual Membership on the first year (since I have CS3) and switching to the 12-month Pre-Paid Membership (through Amazon) on my second year. I know that that the Full Annual Membership will be $50 per month after the first year, so I figured I can just pre-paid $600 for 12 months and not worry about it every month.


      Are there any consequences if I go about this route? What steps do I need to do to make sure the transition will go smoothly? (Do I need to deactivate/uninstall all the Adobe products and contact Adobe to cancel the current annual membership? or Do I just simply input the new pre-paid product key?)

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          kendallplant Adobe Employee

          Hi there!


          In your case, I'd highly recommend switching off auto-renewal once you've purchased your annual membership. You can make changes to your Creative Cloud subscription on the My Account page on Adobe.com: https://www.adobe.com/account.html Just click on "My subscriptions and services" in the far right column. Once your full annual membership commitment ends, go in and make sure your annual membership has fully expired and does not automatically renew. Then all you have to do is purchase your 12-month pre-paid from Amazon and make sure you use the same account information you used in your first subscription.


          The only fee that you could encounter in this process is if you decide to cancel your annual memberships early: (taken from the Creative Cloud FAQ)


          If you decide to cancel a 3- or 12-month prepaid membership purchased at a retailer or online store, you will receive a refund of 50% of the value of the time left on your membership. To cancel your membership, contact Adobe Customer Service.

          To cancel a one-year membership, you can either go online to the Account page on www.creativecloud.com or contact Adobe Customer Service. If you cancel your membership before meeting the 12-month commitment date, you will be charged 50% of the remaining amount left on your contract.


          So make sure your full annual membership does not renew after your commitment date!


          After your annual membership expires or is cancelled, the applications you have installed will be deactivated and you won't be able to use them. You don't need to uninstall and reinstall them - you'll just need to enter your new subscription information in the Application Manager the next time you reopen the applications.


          If you have any issues with this process, or want more personalized help, you can always contact Adobe Customer Service: http://helpx.adobe.com/contact/

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            NightSkyGuy Level 1

            When I go to my Accounts page there is no option to disable auto renewal. There is only "Cancel".



            Is "Cancel" the method to disable auto renewal?

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              artsybrenda Level 1

              I am in the quandry--where DO you find the "Do Not Auto Renew" in Adobe Creative Cloud.


              This is unacceptable.

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                NightSkyGuy Level 1

                Sorry, artsybrenda, There is no "Do Not Auto Renew" per Adobe. Despite the discussion above, the only method Adobe provides to stop auto renewal is to "Cancel". Just be sure to time the cancellation so you don't end up on the hook for another full year at an undefined (and possibly 3 times as expensive) plan - because if you do, Adobe is going to demand at least 50% of the annual fee. Happened to a friend of mine!


                PS I'm not an Adobe employee but the above is a summary of my findings.  I do suggest, however, that everyone concerned about the forced auto renew at an unspecified future price contact support and ask them how they can disable auto renewal. If hundreds or thousands of people make this request, perhaps Adobe will understand why people want the option.


                Finally, and I'm quoting directly from customer support "Before 2-3 days before renewal date, you will receive a notification regarding the auto renewal" which, if true, means you will have perhaps seconds to cancel due to things like sleeping, email delays, and business hours. I have added calendar reminders so I don't accidentally stumble into the same predictament as my friend, Bob.


                The full account of my exchange with support is documented here:  http://blog.starcircleacademy.com/2013/06/creativecloud-8things/comment-page-1/#comment-23 015

                Just above it are comments from Bob who was "forcibly" auto-renewed.

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                  ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  According to the latest help page, If you don't want to auto-renew your Creative Cloud membership then you can indicate that online in your Adobe account at any time within the last month, with no assistance needed from customer support.


                  Note that for those that want to switch payment plans to pre-paid, Amazon no longer carries the prepaid cards at all.  However, as of this week, Adobe itself does now offer a new 12-month prepaid option when buying or renewing CC subscriptions direct, for both regular and student/teacher Creative Cloud memberships.


                  Also, even though Amazon doesn't sell them anymore, you can still find the prepaid key cards elsewhere like from BestBuy.com.


                  Either way, it means you can pay annually instead of monthly if you prefer, not keep your credit card on file if you don't want to, and so on.