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        Illustrator would be really great if it was more compatible with Photoshop- if I create an object in photoshop with transparency, I should be able to bring that onto Illustrator and keep that transparency instead of having lots of white space. Adding this transparency feature in illustrator would make work so much fast and easier.

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          TahiaDesign Level 1

          Ability to create editable PDFs from Illustrator.

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            vincentdoan Level 1


            I had the same problem when using Smart Guide. I hoped that Adobe will fix the issues, but the problem is not technical, but application. What I mean is many tools including those created by third-party company add interface that talk to Smart Guide. Changing Smart Guide architecture means every plug-ins ever created must be modified as well. This is the reason I had to write my own plug-in to use in placed of SmartGuide.

            If you like to check it out, visit www.amazoncanvas.com, and please give your comment and or suggestion so I can update it to your need.

            The product is called ArtBlue which is a suite of path editor and snapping engine.



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              Mat Bacon

              Can we add a negative check box to PREVENT the package function (thanks for that, BTW) from creating a copy of the file? I need to keep each file's latest version controlled, and adding copies adds to confusion (if another designer edits the outside-the-package version)!

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                vincentdoan Level 1



                I have ArtBlue 1.1 just released on www.amazoncanvas.com.

                If you download 1.0, just uninstall it using windows uninstaller (Add Remove Program under Control Panel).

                Then download 1.1 and install it.


                Version 1.1

                The following issues were fixed in this version:
                1. ArtBlue did not ignore objects in hidden or locked layers.
                2. Alt-Shift click a segment did not add alternate segments to selection.
                3. Alt handle or point selection did not work if object are of the same path ordering.
                4. ArtEdit ignored raster images and worked only with placed images.
                5. When a paragraph has an empty text line, ArtTrack get stucked.
                Some minor enhancements were added in this version.


                By the way, I am looking for someone with experience on marketing software, please contact me if you are interested.

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