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    Help me install my old Freehand (SOLVED)

    Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional

      After getting incredibly frustrated at Illustrator, I thoiught I'd install my old copy of FH 9.0 for Windows.


      I bought this as part of a bundle when I was a student.There are three serial numbers (for FH, Flash, and Dreamweaver) on a sticker attached to a disk sleeve, but they aren't labeled. They are like this: WBW300 followed by a 15-digit number, FBW300 followed by a 15-digit number, and FLW500 followd by a 15-digit number. The numbers are broken up in groups of five digits with dashes.


      I thought it was the FBW one, but no matter how I enter it, settup tells me to insert a valid number. Which number should I use, and how should I enter it - With the dashes, or without? I am trying do do this on Vista 64-bit [GACK], but I am setting up an XP "Legacy" box to support some old hardware. Should I put it on that box when I get it running?


      I know that I successfully installed it years ago with one of these numbers, so what am I doing wrong now? I'd be grateful for any assistance. Please, I don't want to have to drag out that old Corel disc .




      OK, I see those included Fireworks, not FH. After a (fortunately) brief search, I found a sticker that started "FHW900" - FH for Windows 9.0. Eveythings copacetic.